Exploring the Arctic

The lofoten islands, an archipelago located inside the Arctic circle unique for its dramatic landscapes.

Majestic snow capped peaks stand out in the middle of the sea creating enchanted fjords.

The typical red villages that create a fairytale atmosphere by thinning the line between reality and magic.

At night the Arctic pink colors turn green, illuminated by the Northern Lights.

If these islands enchant you during the day, during the night they steal your heart!

If you want to experience this dream, we invites you to join one of our Arctic photography trips!

These islands are connected to each other by bridges and tunnels under the water, this allows us to reach all the spots easily and capture sunrises, sunsets, stars and of course the magical Aurora Borealis!

In the islands there aren’t big cities and with a few minutes by car you can reach really dark places, where you can admire the northern lights in all their spending.

In these islands the weather can be very crazy, it can change many times in an hour, which makes landscape photography even more interesting.

It’s a real paradise for landscape photographers!

This trip was planned down to the smallest detail to be the right place at the right time based on the weather and the month of the year.

Day 1

Arrival in our beautiful red cabins in Napp from Evenes Airport with our 9 seater van. 

The two red luxury cabins (rorbuer) liked the group so much, they were very comfortable and relaxing. Their position was strategic, in the heart of the Lofoten islands, with around an hour’s drive you could reach all the most beautiful spots. The view from the cabin was epic, in front was the sea and the sun was rising in front of us, and behind the mountain view.

This position allowed us to modify the travel program based on the weather and then move to where the weather was best in order to always capture the best situations!

The first night was cloudy, so we settled down and relaxed preparing for the sunrise the following day.

Day 2

At 6am we left our cabins and we went to make the first sunrise in one of the most famous places on the islands, the beach of Uttakleiv in front of the famous and incredible dragon’s eye! The horizon was cloudy and the sun was shy, but a beautiful dramatic scene appeared in front of us and the guys loved the spot.

After a nice breakfast in a bar in Leknes we reached one of the most fascinating spots where, when everything is frozen it seems to be in another world. The lagoon was completely covered in pieces of floating ice, perfect for our compositions. In the background one of the most majestic mountains of the islands was the main subject. The emotion was strong and the place was incredible.

After this successful spot we went to play with the drawings of the beautiful Skagsanden beach. Other perfect elements to put as the first subject in our photographs, water bubbles and textures! This beach is never wrong, neither by day nor by night.

We finished the light in front of the most famous red cabin of the Lofoten in Ramberg!

We went home, had dinner and got ready for a possible night under the green dragon, but we only saw it behind the clouds. So we went home to rest.

Day 3

At 6am we left our cabins and moved to the southern tip of the islands to visit and photograph the most fabulous area of the entire archipelago, Hamnøy, Sakrisøy, Reine and Å the last village but in the heart of the fairy tale.

The red and yellow villages enchanted the group, it seemed to be inside a fairy tale even if the sky was not yet at its best.

After a typical Norwegian breakfast in Reine we went to perhaps the most remote village of Lofoten, where time stopped many years ago, that of Nusfjord! The guys were really blown away by the charming village. Couldn’t miss a stop in the typical coffee shop between hot chocolates, coffee and waffles!

The sky is getting better every hour and finally we found some beautiful pink arctic colors in the Vareid area! What a sunset!

After dinner we started studying photography at home in front of the monitor, analyzing the shots taken and editing them.

Finally the sky opened and the forecasts of the Aurora were perfect! We got ready and reached the spot where to wait for the green dragon, without knowing that probably one of the most incredible nights of our life awaited us, a night that none of us will ever forget!

The Aurora danced above our heads for many hours, it was green, it was magenta, it moved fast, it was powerful enough to light up everything in green! We no longer knew where to photograph, it was everywhere! Between screams and photos we lived a truly unique night!

Back home with a smile!

Day 4

A fantastic colorful sunrise in the frozen Haukland is what it took to start the day in the best possible way.

During the day we stopped to photograph various places including Kilan where all the mountains were reflected on the still sea, Vareid, Vitken and other enchanted places of the islands. All day the light was epic.

The night reserved for us the second surprise, another dance under the green dragon! This time we were in Reine, trying to photograph the Aurora above the red cabins, taking home the Lofoten postcard! Another daydream!

Day 5

After the sunrise in Fredvang, we returned to Hamnøy, in a bay that is hard to tell if it’s real or fantasy, to capture another postcard from Lofoten.

After a coffee break in Reine, in a short ten minute hike we reached the top of a hill above the village of Sakrisøy. The view and the light were truly incredible, I can still feel the amazement and joy of the group to see the landscape from up there!

Norway’s most famous fish burger is inevitable here.

The last sunset of Lofoten we went back to Uttakleiv to play with the ice and the waves!

After sunset in Uttakleiv we went back to our cabins for another editing lesson.

During the evening the sky clouded over, but the Aurora showed itself to us for the third night in a row!

Day 6 

After the last sunrise in Lofoten near Myrland we moved to Harstad, stopping in the unmissable village of Henningsvær with a piece of cake in front of its fairytale harbor. A few photos of the most beautiful football field in the world for its extraordinary location and then a new stop in Svolvær, the capital of the islands. After eating we reached Harstad and our new last hotel to spend the last night, not far from the airport. We could not have concluded at the best with a nice dinner with typical Norwegian food in one of the restaurants in the city.

Day 7 

Return home from Evenes airport

Tour Leader

Giulio Cobianchi is a professional photographer, specialized in night photography with over 10 years of experience. The Aurora and the Milky Way are his great passions. He moved to the Lofoten Islands in 2019 to live the dream of magical Arctic nights. He is very expert on these islands, he knows them like the back of his hand and together with him you will always be able to be in the right place at the right time. His goal is always to make other people’s dreams come true.

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