Exploring the Arctic

The lofoten islands, an archipelago located inside the Arctic circle unique for its dramatic landscapes. 

Majestic snow capped peaks stand out in the middle of the sea creating enchanted fjords.  

The typical red villages that create a fairytale atmosphere by thinning the line between reality and magic.  

At night the Arctic pink colors turn green, illuminated by the Northern Lights.  

If these islands enchant you during the day, during the night they steal your heart!

If you want to experience this dream, we invites you to join one of our Arctic photography trips!  

These islands are connected to each other by bridges and tunnels under the water, this allows us to reach all the spots easily and capture sunrises, sunsets, stars and of course the magical Aurora Borealis!

In the islands there aren’t big cities and with a few minutes by car you can reach really dark places, where you can admire the northern lights in all their spending.

In these islands the weather can be very crazy, it can change many times in an hour, which makes landscape photography even more interesting. 

It’s a real paradise for landscape photographers!

This trip was planned down to the smallest detail to be the right place at the right time based on the weather and the month of the year.

Day 1

Arrival in Ramberg from Evenes airport with our 9-seater van.  Our large typical Norwegian red house is strategically located, among all the most beautiful spots, with a few minutes drive south we can reach Reine and Flakstad in the opposite direction!  

A position that allowed us to adapt the program according to the weather without wasting time in hours of driving.

After arranging our stuff in the house we immediately went to the nearest beach, that of Skagsanden!  First night and immediately the screams of the group were heard under the Aurora!  The tuor immediately started with a night dance! Wow!

Day 2

At 6am we left the house and experienced the best sunrise of the week!  

Everything was magenta and pink! In Hamnøy on the famous bridge, it was like being inside a fairy tale. Not bad as a start!  

Then we reached Sakrisøy and Reine stopping to photograph the most beautiful spots.

In the following hours we made a short hike to reach a point where it’s possible to see the bay of Reine and Sakrisøy from above, perhaps one of the most beautiful views of the whole archipelago!

Day 3

The weather didn’t help us this day, but without giving up we drove around checking the movement of the clouds and the light.  

In the end we took home some beautiful dramatic shots from the Arctic beaches and edited them as soon as we arrived at our home.

Day 4

Perhaps the most beautiful day of the week, during the day we went to shoot in one of the most beautiful and dramatic spots on the islands where there is a river that descends in front of the most impressive mountain in Lofoten, creating various waterfalls.

After dinner we witnessed the strongest Aurora of the week, it danced fast in the sky and I still remember the emotion of the group!  Some preferred to enjoy the moment rather than take photos.

Day 5

Difficult weather all day but a beautiful colorful sunset made us have fun and go to dinner with a smile.  During the day we did several editing phases in our house.

We visited the village of Nusfjord, the most typical and characteristic of Lofoten with an obligatory stop in the cafeteria in the heart of the village where time stopped many years ago.

Day 6 

We retraced the most beautiful spots on the island to take them in different light, including the three most beautiful beaches Haukland, Unstad the kingdom of surfers and Uttakleiv  

with its dragon eye.

We experienced the last and beautiful sunset with Arctic tones in an exclusive spot in Reine, photographing the red rorbuers and taking home the last Arctic postcard.

But, during the night the Lofoten gave us their last gift! The sky opened and the green lights of the north showed themselves!

Day 7 

Departure from Evenes airport in the morning.

Tour Leader

Giulio Cobianchi is a professional photographer, specialized in night photography with over 10 years of experience. The Aurora and the Milky Way are his great passions. He moved to the Lofoten Islands in 2019 to live the dream of magical Arctic nights. He is very expert on these islands, he knows them like the back of his hand and together with him you will always be able to be in the right place at the right time. His goal is always to make other people’s dreams come true.

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