Madeira Photography Tour 

Each year I return to Madeira, I become even more fascinated! Known as the Hawaii of Europe, Madeira is a floating garden in the Atlantic Ocean, rich with lush greenery, towering mountains, wild beaches, and ancient forests. 

On this Madeira photography tour, we spent an unforgettable week filled with fun, landscape photography, and outdoor activities. I think it was the most “colorful week” I’ve ever experienced in all my years of photo tours; every sunrise and sunset was incredible.

At the end of the photography tour, I asked the group what their favorite place was, and they all said: Fanal Forest. This forest enchants everyone; walking among those ancient trees in the thick fog with a camera in hand is a unique feeling. Other highlights of the week were definitely the “Picos” of Arieiro and Ruivo and the hikes to reach them, as well as the day dedicated to reaching Madeira’s most beautiful waterfall, trekking through the island’s jungle.

As always, based on the weather conditions, we adapted the photography schedule day by day to offer the group the best experience possible.

Below you can see backstage photos of our amazing Madeira photography tour:

Tour leader

Giulio Cobianchi is a professional landscape photographer, experienced and specialized in night photography with 10 years of experience. His passions are the search for dark skies to better capture the wonder of the night sky and the exploration of new places where wild nature gives the best of itself. These passions have led him to travel to the most beautiful and wild places in the world and Madeira is one of them. His satisfaction is making your dream come true.

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