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5 hours private tour

Book your night hunting for the Northern Lights and get the memory of a lifetime.

Lofoten islands aurora’s paradise

The Lofoten Islands are one of the most spectacular places in all of Norway, they offer incredible landscapes with sharp and dramatic mountains that stand out from the ocean creating incredible fjords.

The typical fishing villages with red rorbuers are the symbol of these Arctic pearls.
Located inside the Arctic Circle at a latitude of 68 ° north, they offer one of the best opportunities for observing the magical Aurora Borealis.

There are no big cities on the islands and therefore it’s easy to find a dark sky to fully enjoy the most famous green light in the world and also a fantastic winter Milky Way.

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    Your guides

    Giulio Cobianchi is a professional landscape photographer, experienced and specialized in night photography with almost 10 years of experience. Aurora and the Milky Way are his great passions. He moved to the Lofoten Islands in 2019 to live the dream of magical Arctic nights. He knows the islands like the back of his hand, with him you will be at the right time in the right place. His satisfaction is making your dream come true.

    Terje Nergård is an experienced landscape photographer in the Lofoten Islands. With almost 10 years of professional experience, Terje has managed to capture incredible landscapes in Svalbard the land of the polar bear, and in the Lofoten Islands of Norway. He is a passionate hiker and has hiked all over Lofoten and therefore knows about all the good places to take photos. He is born in Harstad,Northern Norway so he grew up watching the elusive Aurora borealis and knows what it takes to capture it.

    Tour schedule

    Giulio Cobianchi will guide you to the most beautiful places on the islands adapting the program according to the weather and the Auroral activity, in order to offer you the best possible experience.

    The days following the tour Giulio Cobianchi will email you your professional selfie under the Aurora, ready for printing. A memory of a lifetime.

    • The tour consists of 5 hours of guided tour.
    • Meeting point and tour start from Leknes.
    • Bookable from 10 September to 15 April.
    • The tour is private, from 1 to 5 people can participate.

    The cost of the tour is:

    • 1 person: 350 euros
    • 2 people: 400 euros
    • 3 people: 450 euros
    • 4 people: 500 euros
    • 5 people: 550 euros

    *At the moment of the booking, is required a non-refundable deposit of 50 euros.


    • Participants must have their own car, they will simply follow Giulio Cobianchi who will lead them to live the experience in the various locations. This means that Giulio Cobianchi declines all responsibility for damages, accidents and road accidents.
    • Adequate clothing and the use of crampons are recommended. In addiction to food and water. 5 hours outdoors at night in Arctic weather could be challenging for those not used to and equipped properly.
    • By participating in this tour you will have 10% discount on other tours around the world and prints by Giulio Cobianchi.

    Terms and Conditions for Private Tours

    1. In the event of dangerous weather conditions, weather alerts, or flight cancellations, a full refund for the tour will be provided.
    2. If the cancellation is made within 14 days prior to the scheduled adventure, a complete refund will be issued.
    3. Cancellations made beyond 14 days from the adventure’s start will result in a 50% refund of the total tour cost.
    4. Cancellations made within 3 days of the adventure will not be eligible for a refund unless covered by point 1.
    5. The deposit is not refundable.

    Note: In case of cloudy conditions, we will do our best to guide you under the best available skies based on our knowledge of the location.

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    Some views of our Lofoten photo tour

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