Lofoten Islands: 5 Best Beaches to Photograph the Northern lights

The Lofoten Islands, located in Northern Norway at a latitude of 68 degrees north, are the perfect place to see the Northern Lights.

Here, not only can you see the Aurora Borealis, but you can also photograph it against breathtaking landscapes. Imagine being on a snow-covered wild beach, surrounded by rugged icy mountains, and suddenly everything turns green. You look up at the sky and see the colorful dance of the Northern Lights. These are the Lofoten Islands.

Below, I’ll list the best wild beaches from which to photograph the Northern Lights in the Lofoten Islands. This ranking is based on many factors such as light pollution, unobstructed northern views, and the beauty of the scenery.

Let’s see the best beaches for watching and photographing the Northern Lights, starting from number 5 and ending with number 1, the best:

5. Haukland Beach

In fifth place, we have Haukland Beach. The scenery is very beautiful, with a river that constantly changes its shape as it flows and carves through the icy sand. However, the northern view is somewhat obstructed by Mount Mannan, which hides the Northern Lights if they are weak and low.

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At Haukland Beach, you can achieve stunning photographic compositions by placing your tripod in front of the river, capturing its forms and the reflection of the Northern Lights on the water. Mount Mannan remains in the background with the Northern Lights dancing above it.

4. Skagsanden Beach

In fourth place, we have Skagsanden Beach in Flakstad, where you have a 360-degree view. This means that even with weak solar activity, it will be possible to see and photograph the Northern Lights. Usually, during the evening, the tide is low, leaving the beach wet and creating a perfect mirror for the Northern Lights.

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You can find fantastic shapes on the beach to incorporate into your photographic compositions, such as water bubbles, dark textures created by iron present in the sand, and a stream descending from the mountain behind, breaking the sand and forming incredible shapes. Unfortunately, Skagsanden Beach is affected by considerable light pollution and being close to the main road (the famous E10 road that runs through all the Lofoten Islands, crossing bridges and tunnels), passing cars disturb the view with their headlights.

3. Vik beach

Vik Beach is another enchanting spot to photograph the Northern Lights. It’s close to the more famous Haukland Beach but farther from Mount Mannen, providing a more open west-to-east view that offers more opportunities to see the Northern Lights, even if they are low, weak, and visible only on the northern horizon.

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At Vik Beach, you’ll find a beautiful scenography with fantastic foreground elements like small natural pools where the Northern Lights reflect in the wet sand, creating a spectacular reflection of the lights dancing over the mountain in the background.

Just like at Vik Beach, there is a road behind, but it’s a secondary road, and you won’t find as many cars to disturb your view.

2. Storsandnes beach

Storsandnes Beach is a very famous spot for Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) hunters. Here, you have a completely open view and can photograph in every direction. If the Northern Lights make an appearance at this beach, you can’t go wrong.

The scenery compared to the more beautiful beaches might be less spectacular, with distant mountains that will appear small when using a wide-angle lens. However, if your interest is in seeing and photographing the Northern Lights, Storsandnes is the right beach.

1. Uttakleiv beach (Dragon eye beach)

Here’s the first-place winner: Uttakleiv Beach. The scenery here is incredible, and it’s one of the darkest beaches on the Lofoten Islands. The view from west to east is completely open, allowing you to walk along the beach and adapt your photographic composition based on where the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) appear. Moving to the right side of the beach, you’ll find fantastic round black stones, sometimes covered in snow or ice. From Uttakleiv Beach, you can also photograph to the south, where you’ll find Mount Mannen as a prominent feature.

If you move to the left side of Uttakleiv Beach and walk a few minutes on the rocks, you’ll see many small natural pools where the Northern Lights can reflect. You’ll also come across the famous “Dragon’s Eye,” an absolutely breathtaking spot where you can create captivating photographic compositions and capture an incredible shot of the Northern Lights. Uttakleiv Beach has a truly immense potential; in just a few minutes’ walk, you can capture dozens of different compositions, and the 360-degree scenery is stunning.


The Lofoten Islands are the perfect place to photograph the Northern Lights against stunning landscapes.

In Lofoten Islands you can capture truly unique landscape photographs that are unlike anywhere else in the world. Every corner of the Lofoten Islands is a dream and is perfect for capturing the Northern Lights, but on these beaches, if the Aurora Borealis shows itself, you can’t go wrong. Everything will turn green, and you’ll be moved by the dance of the famous and unique Northern Lights.

A piece of advice I’d like to give you is this: if it’s your first time photographing the Northern Lights, choose a beach with a 360-degree open view and don’t focus too much on a specific composition. Prioritize the Northern Lights and make them the star of the scene. Once you’ve taken your first photos and experienced the emotion that comes with witnessing the Aurora Borealis dance, you can then focus on a specific photographic composition and wait for the Northern Lights to appear in that direction.

Wishing everyone great night-time photography adventures!

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