Tenerife, the 5 Best Beaches for Landscape Photographers

Tenerife, in addition to the tourist beaches that are perfect for relaxing and sunbathing, is rich in wild beaches where lava formations create stacks that stand out from the Atlantic Ocean, waves crashing on boulders, towering lava walls, caves and scenery of all kinds, perfect for photographers who love seascapes.

On our various photo tours to this island, we had the chance to visit the many beaches and make a list of the best ones for landscape photography.

Below you can find out which are the five most beautiful beaches. I will start with number 5 until I get to number 1, the most beautiful by far.

Place 5: Playa Tejita

Playa Tejita is one of the most beautiful and wildest beaches in Tenerife and is located in the southeastern part of the island. It is located next to the Montaña Roja Nature Reserve, a very distinctive ancient volcanic crater that turns bright red during sunset.

The area is quite windy, but temperatures are mild as they are in much of the island. Along the entire mile and a half of coastline of La Tejita, you will have a magnificent view of the red peak that rises into the beach.

Photo taken by Vittorio Perucatti

Place 4: El Bolullo

El Bollullo beach is one that cannot be missed in our list of the most beautiful beaches. About 160 meters long, It is located in the north of Tenerife, near the town of La Ortava.

The beach is considered one of the most special places in Tenerife because of the landscape that is completely wild and untouched by commercial development. The large rocks sticking out of the ocean offer many opportunities for photographers, who love this place, especially at sunrise and sunset.

The shiny black sand, the crystal clear water and its waves crashing on the rocks, the dark cliffs enclosing it like a shell, and the green wild vegetation make this beach perfect for landscape photography.

Place 3: Playa De Los Roques

If you are a landscape photography lover, you absolutely must visit this fascinating beach. Watching how the volcanic rocks resist the strong waves is a sight you can’t miss.

The beach is truly spectacular at low tide, which allows a better view of its distinctive dark sand. To access it, you have to walk along the “water path,” near Puerto de la Cruz.

Once you reach the beach, you will be faced with volcanic sand, which meets with a very blue sea from which large rocks emerge, similar to stacks, which weathering and water erosion have made truly spectacular, named Roque Grande and Roque Chico.

Place 2: Punta Da Hidalgo

Punta da Hidalgo is located on the west coast of Tenerife, you can park your car exactly in front of the most beautiful spots. It is a piece of paradise for all landscape photographers.

Punta Da Hidalgo offers so many different photographic compositions within a few hundred meters. It is possible to create beautiful photo compositions either from below, descending between pebbly coves and cliffs, or from above, among cactus, succulents and roots. At sunrise you will find the sun rising right next to the main mountain, a majestic, rough lava formation where ocean waves hurl themselves with power. During sunset, on the other hand, the sun drops behind the scene, illuminating the mountain red. Usually you will find a dramatic sky, hardly any clouds go away at night, but when they do, all lovers of night photography cannot miss this place. The core of the Milky Way is located exactly above the mountain in the spring and summer months.

1 Place: Playa Benijo

Playa Benijo is a very charming place and is in fact the first place I have included in my list of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife.

This beach nestled in a wild landscape is located in the northeast of the island of Tenerife and can be reached via the Anaga mountain roads.

The best time to visit Palaya Benijo is at sunset, when the sun disappears behind the horizon showing a warm pink color, which is reflected on the surface of the sea.

Playa Benijo is of one of the best natural photographic sets in Tenerife: the waves crashing against the rocks, the dark sand, the silhouette of the black rocks, and the dramatic colors of the sky create a perfect composition for lovers of landscape photography. This beach gives a different atmosphere every time thanks to the sudden change of weather conditions.

In fact, this region is characterized by a very variable and unpredictable climate. The clouds are in constant motion, carried by the trade winds blowing in from the ocean, and the moisture from the sea often turns into a mystical fog, desaturating the colors and enveloping the landscape.

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