Lofoten Islands – The Best Things to Do in Winter

Located above the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands are a small archipelago with a stunning landscape. The dramatic fjords, majestic mountains, crystal-clear sea, picturesque fishing villages with their iconic red cabins (rorbuer), and the skies illuminated by the Northern Lights make the Lofoten Islands an almost magical place, offering an unforgettable experience, under the dance of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). 

If you’re a fan of Arctic landscapes with cool tones, low temperatures, and pink sunsets/sunrises, then winter is the right time for you.

The wild landscape is undoubtedly the highlight of the Lofoten Islands, but there are some activities that you absolutely must not miss, allowing you to make the most of your trip and experience a bit of adventure.

Lofoten – Winter Season

Here’s a list of the best winter activities in the Lofoten Islands:

Northern Lights Tours

The Lofoten Islands are located in a spot where the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are particularly bright, especially when the sky is clear. That’s why seeing the Northern Lights in Lofoten is an experience that many people from all around the world have placed at the top of their travel bucket lists. 

Many travelers wonder if they’ll be able to see the Northern Lights during their trip and where to see them. To increase your chances, I recommend joining a Northern Lights Photo Tour.

These tours, led by an experienced photographer, are the best choice. They’ll find the best places to see the Northern Lights based on weather conditions, cloudiness, and solar activity. With a propfessional photographer you will be in the right place at the right time. 

Night photography, especially capturing the Northern Lights, can be challenging if you’re not experienced. The photographer will teach you the basics, like setting up a tripod and using a camera, and help you take great photos like a pro. This way, you can capture a magical moment and carry it with you forever.

Book your northern lights private tour led by a local professional photographer:  

Arctic Surf Experience (Unstad Arctic Surf)

The Lofoten Islands are among the most famous places in the world for surfers, not so much for the huge waves, but for the Arctic beaches surrounded by rugged snow-capped mountains, where ocean power meets snow and ice. It is not often that one can ride the waves within the Arctic Circle, surrounded by such landscapes. Unstad Beach is the most famous for practicing this sport; here the power of the Arctic waves crashes against the snowy coast. During winter, the Arctic light and snowy environment make the experience even more breathtaking, giving you the unique thrill of surfing in the Lofoten Islands.

Just before reaching Unstad beach you can find the surf center called: Unstad Arctifc Surf

You can contatc them for the ultimate experience. 

Another famous beach where you can surf is Skagsanden in Flakstad, also recently opened a surf center here.

Northern Lights Kayaking 

Watching the Northern Lights in the middle of the sea, among fjords, surrounded by snow-capped mountains is something to experience in life. You can experience this adventure in Eggum, in the heart of the Lofoten Islands, departing at 8pm led by professionals from Northern Explorer, you will enjoy unforgettable memories.

Viking Lofotr Museum

“Welcome to Lofoten’s living Viking Museum. In the heart of Lofoten, you can travel 1000 years back in time and experience the Viking Age in an active and vibrant environment. At Borg you will find the world’s longest reconstructed longhouse. Smell the tar and fire, hear the local Viking stories, learn about crafts and experience how the Vikings lived. Spend a day with us and have an unforgettable experience.” 

This is how the Viking Museum website describes it, based on a reconstruction and archaeological excavations of a Viking chieftain’s village in the Lofoten Islands.

In 1983, archaeologists discovered the Chieftain House at Borg, a large building from the Viking era believed to have been built around the year 500 AD. The excavations revealed the largest Viking-era building ever found in Norway. The foundation of the Chieftain House at Borg measured 83 meters in length and 9.5 meters in width.

At the Lofotr Viking Museum, you’ll have the chance to emotionally transport yourself to the ancient Viking era, taste Viking food, drink Viking wine, and do everything a true Viking would do.

Here you can find all the detailed information for your best experience.

Trollfjord Eagle Safari

The Trollfjord Eagle Safari is an amazing experience. In this adventure, you get to be immersed in a magical setting, surrounded by majestic sea eagles. This fjord is known for having one of the largest populations of these fascinating creatures in all of Europe, which means that the chances of spotting sea eagles are extremely high.

During the Trollfjord Eagle Safari, you will be surrounded by the natural beauty of the Lofoten Islands and you will enjoy this special special in the small boats that allow you to share the adventure with a small group of passengers. You will get really close to the eagles and the nature around you, and it feels like a unique and freeing experience. 

If you are a wildlife photographer, you cannot miss this experience. 

There are several companies that organize these adventures and with their boats depart from the charming harbor from the capital of Lofoten, Svolvaer.  

Among the most famous you can check out: Lofoten XXX and Lofoten explorer


There are also other activities that can be done such as snowshoeing and some easier hike, but winter hikes are not recommended unless you have significant experience and knowledge of the mountains, as adverse weather and strong winds in the Lofoten Islands can be dangerous. Unfortunately, there have been some incidents involving tourists who did not take these adverse conditions into account. 

Feel free to ask us for any information about the activity you would like to do in Lofoten during the winter and we will help you find the best experience for you. 

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