Tenerife Photography Tour 

This year as well, an island in the heart of the Canaries called Tenerife, bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, has captivated the group with its wonderful and unique Teide National Park.

For over ten years now, I have been fortunate enough to witness this spectacle every summer, capturing the Milky Way above the sky of Tenerife. I must admit that on the second night of this photography tour, we found one of the best night skies ever seen in Tenerife. The signal was very strong, the sky was crystal clear, and on the camera displays, we could see a Milky Way with incredible details and colors.

In this Tenerife Photography Tour, our priority is night photography and teaching the group all the tricks, secrets, and techniques learned through years of experience in the field and in front of the computer. With four consecutive nights of clear skies over Teide National Park, the participants had their fun in that playground that stretches from Zapata de la Reina to the Teide Observatory, passing through Roques de Garcia and Minas de San Jose.

Of course, we didn’t miss landscape photography at the most beautiful spots in Tenerife. We didn’t skip a single sunset photography session, capturing wild beaches, viewpoints (mirador) above a sea of clouds with the Teide volcano in the background, lava formations of all shapes, the famous red Tajinaste flowers in full bloom, and much more.

As always, based on weather conditions, we adapted the photography schedule day by day to offer the group the best experience possible.

The participants also enjoyed the guided tour of the Teide Observatory, the cherry on top to conclude a night photography tour.

Below you can see backstage photos of our amazing Tenerife photography tour:

Tour leaders

Giulio Cobianchi is a professional landscape photographer, experienced and specialized in night photography with 10 years of experience. His passion in looking for darker skies to better capture the beauty of our night sky, led him to travel to incredible places around the world. Tenerife is one of his favorite places. His satisfaction is making your dream come true.

Christian Høiberg is an international landscape photographer with a passion for wild landscapes where nature reigns.  He is the founder of “CaptureLandscapes”, where he helps aspiring and advanced photographers improve their photography skills to make high-impact photos. With his great experience as a photographer and tour leader around the world, you will be in the best of hands.

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