Tenerife, the 5 Best Spots on Teide Nation Park for Night Photography

Tenerife is a paradise for all landscape night photographers, not only for lovers of night photography but also for lovers of seascapes and primeval landscapes that this island is able to offer.

Tenerife has seven different microclimates, so within a few minutes of driving, the landscape changes completely. This is exactly what makes Tenerife a playground for all landscape photographers, above all night photographers. It is easy to go from lava and arid landscapes to a humid and green forest in the clouds, from wild beaches full of stacks and caves to viewpoints above the clouds in the mountains.

Do you know what it means for a landscape night photographer to be in the fog in the middle of a dense forest and in thirty minutes of driving to reach a wild beach with lava lapilli forming stacks where the rough Atlantic Ocean shows its power? It’s a dream for all of us.

Tenerife, initially known as a destination for spending holidays due to the beautiful sea and good climate, has now entered the wish list of many landscape photographers, especially lovers of night photography. On the Teide national park at about 2300 meters of altitude you can observe an incredible Milky Way and on the clearest nights it is possible to see the details of our Galaxy with the naked eye.

Often the island after sunset, is covered by low clouds. Their layer is located between 700 and 1000 meters above sea level and thanks to this very frequent phenomenon, the clouds stop the light pollution coming from the cities below and the signal becomes crazy and perfect to photograph the Milky Way over the Teide National Park, at about 2300 meters above sea level.

If you love night photography and are planning a trip to Tenerife, what I am about to write below will be very useful for you.

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The five most beautiful spots in the Teide National Park for night photography

Before finding out which are the five most beautiful places to capture the Milky Way on Teide Park, take a look at our article “How To Photograph The Milky Way“!

Imagine you are in a clear gravel field full of lava mines that got there during an eruption. These lava formations of all shapes create the perfect environment for night photography. Here lava and stars reign, occasionally interrupted by fantastic daisies and colorful flowers, a perfect place to capture the Milky Way creating captivating compositions.

Minas de San Jose

The Minas de San Jose is the first place where I recommend going, because in addition to having many types of different compositions in a few meters, it is also the place where you can see the core of the Milky Way first being at about 2400 meters above sea level. This means you can start taking your photos earlier than for example spots like La Catedral, which is located inside the caldera surrounded by impotent lava walls.

Tenerife, the 5 Best Spots on Teide Nation Park for Night Photography

The Cathedral

La Catedral is an incredibly imposing lava formation located inside the caldera, at the foot of the Teide volcano. A surreal place where time seems to have stopped many years ago. In the midst of the black lava you can find the famous red Tajinaste, other types of flowers and many roots that create perfect prehistoric shapes to use in our night photos.

This place seems to be built perfectly to create night panoramas, with the whole arc of the Milky Way right above La Catedral.

Tenerife, the 5 Best Spots on Teide Nation Park for Night Photographer

The Roques de Garcia

My favorite place on the Teide park. There are so many lava formations, flowers and roots that will allow you to find different compositions for a whole month.

It is a fairly large area, in about two hours you can complete the ring around the Roques de Garcia. The symbol of this place is the Cinchado, a rock that stands out for its shape and is the protagonist of many night photos.
Here you can enjoy both shots of the core of the Milky Way and panoramas within the galactic arc.

Tenerife, the 5 Best Spots on Teide Nation Park for Night Photographers

Zapato de La Reina

Perhaps the most fascinating lava formation, surrounded by roots and flowers of different types. Right above the Zapato della Reina you can find the core of the Milky Way around 2 am, a perfect spot to immortalize the galactic core.

Corral del Nino

Here we are near the astronomical observatory, probably under the best sky in Tenerife and we can see Teide from its north side. This area is full of fantastic forms to put in the foreground, such as flowers, plants, roots, lava formations and above all here you can find the most beautiful flowers of Tenerife and perhaps of all the Canary Islands, the Tajinaste!


So if you are going to Tenerife and you are into night photography you cannot miss these five places and I recommend you to read “How To Photograph The Milky Way” so you can be prepared when you are in any of these places under a breathtaking Milky Way.

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