I have quite a few photo trips behind it. And believe me, I’ve experienced it, it happens that the accompanying photographer is the first to stand in the best spot and take the best shots himself, after it, offering only some guidance to the inexperienced participants. As a more experienced photographer, that offers no added value to me as I can also scout locations myself. To put it bluntly: I am not paying to fund the organiser’s own photography trip. Therefore, I have become more critical in who I travel with. Giulio’s work appealed to me and I saw enough opportunities to learn from it. And it did not disappoint, on the contrary. All attention goes to the participants and everyone is thought of. Even though I photograph quite a lot, I learned. Attention is also paid to post-processing and there is time to submit a photo for post-processing, during and after the trip. Besides the group editing session, Giulio spent time to sit down with me personally, talking over all steps he advised for the specific photos. That was of great value to me. Besides, it is an advantage that Go To Photo Your knows the areas they are guiding very well, allowing us to respond optimally to weather conditions and opportunities. In terms of rates (not at the top of the market), I found the price-quality ratio excellent, especially because they work with small groups and often two guides, establishing a guiding ratio of 3:1, which is a luxury. I will soon be going on another trip with them, this time to Tenerife. This indicates that I can confidently recommend Go To Photo Tour to anyone.

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