Double arc

Those Arctic Nights when the Northern Lights meet the Milky Way.

My “double arc” collection taken over the past 6 years from south to north Norway.

Those Arctic nights where the dance of the Northern Lights illuminates the starry sky, make you experience an incredible emotion, impossible to describe.

Imagine that you are there, in front of a breathtaking landscape where nature dominates, and as you look at the sky, you see on one side the Milky Way and on the ‘other side the Northern Lights starting to light up everything green.

In the last few years living in the Lofoten Islands, in the heart of the Arctic, I have been studying and planning this original night vision, where both the Milky Way and the Northern Lights are visible.

Night photography being my great passion, I spent hundreds of nights out there looking for the darkest skies to best capture the Milky Way and, just as many nights under Arctic skies, enduring cold and frost, while waiting for the Aurora Borealis. When one night, after several trials and struggles with the weather, I thought I could create a 360-degree night panorama, capturing both’ Milky Way and Northern Lights.

After several attempts, the panorama that I call “double-arc” were born!

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