Tre Cime & Cinque Torri summer workshop

The Dolomites, a corner of paradise, a playground for us landscape photographers.

The workshop program is designed to photograph the less inflated angles of two of the most fascinating symbolic places of all the Dolomites: the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and the Cinque Torri.

It was three epic days, the weather was good with us, it gave us sunny days with colorful sunsets and sunrises and pretty clear skies at night.

The scenery that these mountains offer is incredible, one of the most beautiful in the world.

Colorful flowers and rough mountain peaks were the stars of this adventure.

It’s always an emotion to create scenographic compositions in these magical places.

This trip was planned down to the smallest detail to be the right place at the right time based on the weather and the month of the year.

Day 1

Meeting at Lake Misurina at 2pm, made a brief introduction on what we will face during our adventure, we left to reach the Auronzo refuge where we will spend the first night.

Having fixed our photographic equipment and packed our backpack to be able to eat in the midst of nature between sunset and the arrival of the stars, we faced the first photo lesson session before starting our trek to the most beautiful spots.

During the trek we stopped several times to take captivating shots, starting with the sun star at the top of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo seen from behind.

Continuing our trek and arrived on the Trentino side, the view got the best.

Lots of colorful flowers and a crazy light made us stop and take more “wow” shots.

After sunset we had dinner with that incredible view that only the Tre Cime di Lavaredo are able to offer. While waiting for the dark to capture the Milky Way we had a hot drink at the Locatelli refuge, after which the group became even crazier, maybe there was some alcohol! 😁

An incredible night under a crazy galaxy!!! What a start!!!

On this first night we worked out how to get great night shots without using the star tracker. I must say that the guys took such wonders in front of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

The guys also loved the return trek, walking in the dark under the stars.

Day 2

After a nice breakfast and a lot of capuccino at the Auronzo refuge we drove to reach the parking lot of the Scoiattoli refuge, under the Cinque Torri.

In ten minutes by chairlift we got a breathtaking scenery, the Cinque Torri stand out in front of the refuge.
After a couple of hours of relaxation and a typical amazing dinner we reached the best spots in front of the Towers in a few tens of meters.

Our foreground was full of colorful flowers and our photo compositions gave their best!

While waiting for the dark on our balcony with a view, we faced another theoretical and practical session on landscape / nightscape photography, including many special techniques needed to take great shots.

We also studied the complete use of the tracker, then mounting it on the field realizing how to obtain a tracked shots.

Day 3

Wake up at 5am to catch the first light and wait for the sun star in the right position in the middle of the Cinque Torri.

I must say that it was a truly top conclusion to this wonderful adventure!

Around 7am the sun was right there, powerful and in the middle of the Towers!

We had our fun creating strong compositions with the white daisies in the foreground and the Cinque Torri with the sun in the middle in the background.

What shots!

After a lot of focus stacking to get the best out of this type of shots we had even more fun in front of the huge buffet breakfast! 😂

After a summary of everything faced and studied in these days, our adventure has come to an end and we went down with the chairlift to reach the cars.

We will see the edit phase from raw files to web conversion by appointment on skype divided into two small groups, with shared monitor and recording of the whole lesson.

Thanks a lot guys, you were fantastic !

Tour leader

Giulio Cobianchi is a professional landscape photographer, expert and specialized in night photography with 10 years of experience. Aurora and Milky Way are his great passions. Being an outdoor enthusiast, since he was a child he loved immersing himself in the beauties of these mountains. The Dolomites are his photographic cradle, where he took his first photos. With him, you will be in the right place at the right time!

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