Winter Workshop

The word β€œ Dolomites β€œ means something epic, crazy scenery in all seasons, unique mountains in the world, a playground for landscape photographers.

Surely the hostile environment that winter creates in these mountains attracts a smaller niche of photographers, only those most passionate and motivated to take crazy shots go on this snowy adventure, because in this type of environment that’s exactly what you do, capture incredible scenes.

Their effort will be rewarded by the magical scenery that the Dolomites offer.

During the winter the dramatic landscapes of these mountains are truly breathtaking. The temperature and the amount of snow make it difficult to reach the most beautiful places but, once you reach them, you will feel like you are in another parallel world where the scenery is fairy-tale and surreal.

If you want to capture incredible landscapes in these epic mountains we invite you to join us on one of the various tours here, where we will visit the most beautiful places in all the Dolomites.

This trip was planned down to the smallest detail to be the right place at the right time based on the weather and the month of the year.

Day 1

Meeting point at Alleghe where after a short introduction we reached our first hotel near the village.

After a first theoretical and practical photographic lesson, where we studied photographic composition and some fundamental techniques for taking great shots, such as focus stacking, HDR, perspective blend and many other concepts that we subsequently applied in the field, we reached our first spot where we can wait for the sunset.

In this spot we immediately applied the first rules on composition, using the guideline of a torrent which, digging in the snow, leads the eye directly to our main subject, a beautiful rough mountain in front of us.

The group also enjoyed using the natural frames created by the trees surrounding our mountain.

The temperature was about minus 9 degrees, after sunset we reached our hotel for dinner.

A crazy night adventure was waiting for us, I think the guys will remember this night for a long time.πŸ˜‚

After checking the weather, which was a bit difficult, I decided to take the group to the Sella pass, where a beautiful clear sky was expected.

So it was, the winter Milky Way was above us and exactly in the position I had planned with PhotoPills, a perfect winter arc over the Sasso Lungo and Sasso Piatto.

The minus 16 degrees celsius and the gusts of wind at 50 Km/h made the group frozenπŸ˜‚ but, the beauty of that spot, the strong passion and emotion made the guys take their night photographs home even if with some problems caused by the cold in their cameras and dead batteries.

From the photo above you can imagine what an incredible night !

It was almost 3.30am when we reached our hotel knowing that a Dolomiti-style breakfast was waiting for us when we woke up.

Day 2

After breakfast we reached our new hotel, a real pearl in the heart of the Dolomites, closer to the Falzarego and Giau passes.

A bit of relaxation and we left for the sunset at Passo Giau.

In 15 minutes of ascent with snowshoes we found ourselves on top of a mountain where the 360 degree view was crazy.

The clouds covered the horizon a little too much where the sun was setting but a pleasant soft light created a fabulous glow giving us an exciting scene.

A well-deserved dinner at the hotel with typical dishes of the Dolomites is what we faced after at sunset.

On this second night the sky was very difficult, it was all cloudy over almost all of the Dolomites, we went to a still not too well known lake hidden among the trees at the foot of the Tofane.

The lake was covered in snow and we had fun making captivating compositions with the various shapes on the snow and ice created by a stream flowing into the lake.

After one of the best breakfasts ever had we faced another photo studio session. Reviewing the topics covered in these days, answering the guys’ questions and addressing more complex topics such as the use and assembly of the star tracker and how to create complex night panoramic.

Day 3

After this our adventure has come to an end and the editing session on Skype with shared monitor and with the recording that will remain for everyone will await us in the following days.

Tour leader

Giulio Cobianchi is a professional landscape photographer, expert and specialized in night photography with 10 years of experience. Aurora and Milky Way are his great passions. Being an outdoor enthusiast, since he was a child he loved immersing himself in the beauties of these mountains. The Dolomites are his photographic cradle, where he took his first photos. With him, you will be in the right place at the right time!

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