5 hours Aurora Tour

An incredible night chasing Aurora in the Lofoten Islands, the pearls of the Arctic.

The Lofoten Islands are one of the most spectacular places in all of Norway, they offer incredible landscapes with sharp and dramatic mountains that stand out from the ocean creating incredible fjords.

Located inside the Arctic Circle at a latitude of 68 ° north, they offer one of the best opportunities for observing the magical Aurora Borealis.

There are no big cities on the islands and therefore it’s easy to find a dark sky to fully enjoy the most famous green light in the world.

After meeting in Leknes and a brief introduction on what awaits us, we left by car to reach the best place based on the weather and the sky. We always choose the place based on the weather and solar activity, thus following the best sky and the best position to offer guests the best possible experience.

The Aurora must be planned and expected in one place and not improvised, so, in the meantime we explain to the guests what the Aurora is, how it’s possible to see it, where it could appear from and how it is formed.

When suddenly the horizon begins to turn green, the words turn into screams and emotions.

Many guests are not photographers and are not interested in photographic technique but simply want to enjoy the moment and have their photos under the magical Northern Lights!

Whether they are photographers or travelers it’s always a great satisfaction to see their joy, knowing that that moment will be the memory of a lifetime for them.

That moment we are sharing together will remain imprinted on them and remembered as one of the most beautiful emotions in life.

For us it’s truly fortunate to let customers from all over the world experience this feeling, photograph them under the Aurora and hear them scream in their own language, sometimes crying and sometimes jumping.

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