Winter Photography Experience


Dec 9th-14th, 2023

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The Dolomites, one of the most fascinating places in the world among mountain and landscape photography lovers, offer unique emotions every season, but during the winter months, the cold temperatures and the snow make these places isolated from tourism, perfect for an adventure in the midst of nature.

In December you will find white and frozen scenery, where rivers flow cracking snow and ice, frozen waterfalls create amazing formations and caves, frozen lakes create unique textures and majestic rough mountains stand out amidst the dramatic sky.

A real playground for all landscape photographers!

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Giau Pass, Falzarego pass, Gardena Pass, Sella Pass, Antorno lake, Misurina lake, Alpe di Siusi, Cadini di Misurina and other exclusive places, are certainly among the symbolic places of these mountains and It’s precisely in these places that we have decided to give you a unique and adventurous photographic experience.

What will you experience this trip?

We will stop at all the most beautiful places, alternating nights in hotels and nights in high altitude shelters. We will experience sunrises and sunsets in winter colors and a Milky Way that stands out among the beautiful mountains.

The spirit of adventure will not be missing, from riding a snowmobile, to some easy walks with snowshoes to reach the most beautiful places and there will also be relaxation and good local food.

Wanna join?

    Who is the Dolomites Photo Tour for?

    A journey aimed at all photography enthusiasts and those who love the incredible landscapes that these mountains offer.

    If you are a lover of mountains, snow, stars, if you want to photograph the most beautiful and hidden corners of the Dolomites and you want to improve your photographic skills by learning how to create high-impact photos in a winter and fun context, join us!

    During the photo tour we will study all aspects of day and night landscape photography, from shooting theory to post production. We will start from the theoretical and technical, then we will see how to manage these techniques in the field and we will analyze together the shots captured.
    The goal is to return home with a great experience and captivating landscape photography.

    Dolomites Photo Tour Itinerary

    Note: the program may change depending on the weather. We are flexible and will adapt to any situation in order to give you the best possible experience.

    The meeting point is:
    Venice airport (Marco Polo), not after 10am on December 9

    On 14 December in the morning we will bring the group back to the meeting point.
    Please the departure from Venice on December 14 no earlier than 3pm.

    Day 1

    Arrival at Venice airport no later than 10am.

    After the presentation and an introduction of what we will experience during the week, we will leave to reach Cortina d’Ampezzo in about three hours by van, where we will spend the first two nights.

    We will sleep in a hotel located in a strategic position, in a short driving time we will be able to reach the most beautiful spots.

    After arranging our things in the hotel we will get ready and go out to wait for the sunset at the Falzarego pass.
    After dinner at a restaurant (who wants can join us) we will go hunting for the Milky Way in another spot on the Falzarego pass, where we will focus on the creation of single exposures and double exposures without using the star tracker.

    Around midnight we will return to the hotel to rest.

    Day 2

    Sunrise at a hidden, frozen lake, nestled between trees and mountains that will turn red when the sun rises. Here we will find ourselves in front of a spectacular scenario between the warm light on the mountains and the cold environment that surrounds us.

    After breakfast at the hotel and some well deserved relaxation, we will face the first photographic studio session, from theory to photographic techniques.

    Sunset at the Giau pass and after dinner we will return to this pass for the night photography session where we will also focus on creating a panoramic view of the entire galactic arc.

    Here for those who want, we will begin to study the use of the star tracker.

    Around midnight we will return to the hotel to rest.

    Day 3

    Sunrise in another area of the fantastic Falzarego pass where a mountain with an incredible shape, called Sas de Stria will be the main subject of our compositions.

    After breakfast we will prepare our things, we will organize the backpacks to reach the Antorno lake, where the guys will take us aboard a snowmobile up to the Auronzo refuge at the foot of the legendary Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

    In 30 minutes of walking we will reach the most beautiful spots between the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Cadini di Misurina.

    We will always go back down by snowmobile to reach our sunset spot not so far from Cortina.

    After dinner, if the sky will be clear, a long and beautiful night will await us under the winter stars.
    From our spot we will capture the Milky Way above a frozen lake full of textures and shapes that will make our compositions crazy.

    After the night shooting session we will return to our hotel to rest.

    Day 4

    After breakfast we will leave the hotel and by van we will reach our new base, another fairytale place, unique and famous all over the world, the Alpe di Siusi, where the Sasso Lungo and the Sasso Piatto are the protagonists of the scene.

    During the day we will face another photo session in front of a computer regarding the edit of the shots obtained. We will see how to manage and merge the shots taken with the various techniques used in the field and subsequently the best workflow to achieve a captivating final result.
    We will study both a day and night photo.

    Before sunset we will reach the most beautiful spot on the Alpe di Siusi.
    After the sunset session we’ll leave to dinner at the restaurant and head back up to capture the Milky Way if the sky will be clear.

    Day 5

    This morning we will rest and after breakfast we will leave to reach our last hotel where we will spend the last night, in the Canazei area.

    During the day we will face the last session in front of the computer where we will analyze and edit your shots taken in these days.

    When you find yourself in front of your photo you will no longer have the indecision on how to edit it and where to start.

    Sunset and night photo session in one of the most beautiful passes of all the Dolomites, that of Gardena.

    After the night shooting session we will return to our refuge to rest.

    Day 6

    We will have a rich breakfast and then our adventure will have come to an end.

    We leave by van to reach the Venice airport.

    Additional Information

    • First three nights: hotel near Cortina d’Ampezzo
    • Fourth night: hotel near Alpe di Siusi
    • Fifth night: hotel near Canazei
    • The first three days will spend the nights in a hotel near Cortina d’Ampezzo. Little driving with the van and short walks with snowshoes. All double rooms with private bathroom in the hotel, single room on request.
    • Third day we will go up on a snowmobile to reach the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Recommended to take water and some snacks. We will walk only about 30 minutes to reach a fantastic spot where we will have a 360 degree view between the Tre Cime di Lavaredo from behind and the Cadini di Misurina. We will come back down again by snowmobile for the sunset photo session in another fantastic spot near Cortina
    • On the fourth day we will reach with our van a hotel in front of the Alpe di Siusi, in one of the most beautiful places in the Dolomites. We will stay in private double rooms, single room on request.
    • The fifth night will be in private double rooms in a hotel near Canazei, single room on request.
    • You can choose whether to join us during the night photo sessions or if you prefer to rest at the hotel.
    • The purpose of the trip is to improve photographic skills and take beautiful landscape photos but there will also be moments of relaxation.
    • During the photo tour we will do several sessions of theory, practice and photographic technique. We will see and apply all the techniques studied in the field and we will analyze the shots obtained.
    • Lunches are not included, we will stop in some typical restaurant and sometimes we will stop at the market to get some snacks.
    • Snowshoes are mandatory, you can rent them in Cortina d’Ampezzo (we can help you with this).

    Tour guides

    Giulio Cobianchi is a professional landscape photographer, expert and specialized in night photography with 10 years of experience. Aurora and Milky Way are his great passions. Being an outdoor enthusiast, since he was a child he loved immersing himself in the beauties of these mountains. The Dolomites are his photographic cradle, where he took his first photos. With him, you will be in the right place at the right time!

    Nico Rinaldi is a landscape photographer and artist graduated from the art academy school. His artistic path has subsequently formed his unique style and vision in landscape photography. Nico lives in Italy, an area rich in very different and unique landscapes, such as the wonderful Dolomites mountains. Over the years he have studied and photographed the Dolomites territory in every season. Nico will take you to the most suggestive spots and he will teach you the best techniques to create wonderful and unique photographs.

    What will you learn on this photo tour?

    Between amazing sceneries, good photography and a lot of fun, we hope to give you an experience and adventure that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

    We don’t just want to give you an experience, though. We want to make sure you’re excited about the photographs you’ve captured on our various outings.

    In addition to teaching photographic theories and techniques, we want to convey our passion and make you feel those emotions that being out in nature with a camera can give.

    You will learn…

    • Better manage your photographic equipment in easy and difficult situations
    • Plan the shot through the use of apps and websites
    • Read the histogram, both during shooting and in post-processing
    • Compositional rules and the fundamentals to create impactful images
    • How to use filters
    • Manage various kind of lights, at sunset, sunrise and long exposures
    • Choosing the right white balance
    • Focus and hyperfocal distance
    • The importance of the aperture
    • The right shooting settings based on the scene, ISO, aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation
    • Masks and layers
    • Dodge and burn
    • Choice of color profiles (sRGB, Adobe RGB, Pro photo RGB)
    • Use the tracker to get the best detail of the Milky Way and less digital noise. From the pointing phase of the Polaris to the shooting phase
    • Recognize the night sky without using apps
    • Many shooting techniques that will allow you to take home some “wow” photos, including focus stacking, mean stacking, perspective blend, multi exposure, focal blend, time blend
    • Panoramic photography, day and night, from the arrangement of the equipment, to the merging of the shots in post production
    • How to get details of the Milky Way, from the shooting phase to the edit
    • Milky Way Color Processing
    • Tips and tricks that pertain to our specific workflow.


    In order to offer the best quality, the maximum of attendees has been limited, so that we can follow each participant closely and in the best way possible. A minimum is also been set for the tour to be confirmed.

    Minimum: 4 participants
    Maximum: 8 participants
    Difficulty: Easy / Medium


    To reserve your seat, you can pay a deposit via bank transfer at the moment of the booking and the remaining part within 30 days before departure.

    Total cost: 2090€
    Deposit: 700€
    Tour dates: December 9 – 14 2023
    Single room supplement: 800€

    The cost include

    • All Breakfasts
    • One dinner
    • All transfers by van
    • Fuel
    • Transport to and from Venice airport
    • Support Whatsapp private group
    • Photo editing lessons with registration
    • All the accomodations in hotels in double rooms and private bathroom ( single room on request )
    • Two professional photographers who will teach you their special personal techniques
    • Local expert guide who knows the place perfectly
    • Medical health insurance

    The cost doesn’t include

    • International flights
    • Lunches, dinners and drinks
    • Theft / damage insurance / trip cancellation insurance
    • Snowmobile to reach the Tre Cime di Lavaredo ( around 50 euro per person )
    • Everything that is not included in the item “The fee includes”


    How can I reach the meeting point?

    The meeting point is Venice airport 

    Venice airport ( Marco Polo ), not after 10am on December 14

    On December 14 in the morning we will bring the group back to the meeting point. 

    Please the departure from Venice on December 14 no earlier than 3pm.

    What level of photography is required ?

    What physical level is required?

    What kind of weather should I expect?

    Documents and currency

    What camera gear should I bring ?

    What clothes should I bring?

    How should I manage my suitcases?

    How should I organize the backpack and the various things to carry around?

    Any questions?
    Wanna join?

    Send us a message through this form if you have any question or want to join us in this fantastic photo tour.
    We’ll reply as soon as we can!

    8 + 7 =

    Some views of our Dolomites photo tour

    Refund and cancellation policy

    If a participant decides to cancel his reservation, he can do so at any time by communicating it as soon as possible to the official email address of one of the two organizers.

    However, you should keep in mind that the cancellation by a participant would create management difficulties in bookings as well as the risk of not reaching the minimum number of participants for the trip (and consequently the need to search for a new person).

    Because of that:

    • If the cancellation request is submitted MORE than 60 days (before departure), you may receive a refund of the booking fee.
    • If the cancellation request is presented LESS than 60 days before departure, it will NOT be possible to receive a refund of the booking fee.

    * Unless the customer that desires to cancel his booking brings in another person who is willing to take his place by paying the total amount of the trip itself.

    The entire amount paid (deposit or full fee) will be fully refunded if the event is canceled.

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