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July 23th - 28th, 2022

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The Dolomites, one of the most fascinating places in the world among mountain and landscape photography lovers, offer unique emotions every season. During this month, the scenery will be enriched by flowers of all colors, which will cover our foregrounds.

Three Peaks of Lavaredo, the Cinque Torri, the Giau Pass, the Falzarego pass, the Gardena Pass, the Sella Pass, the Pale di San Martino and the lakes of Antorno, Misurina, Braies, Dones, are certainly among the symbolic places of these mountains. And it is precisely in these places that we have decided to give you a unique and adventurous photographic experience.

What will you experience this week?

Come with us and enjoy this week of summer adventure. We will stop at all the most beautiful places, alternating nights in hotels and nights in high altitude refuges. We will experience sunrises and sunsets in summer colors and a Milky Way that stands out among the beautiful mountains.

In this period, we will be surrounded by flowers and colorful scenery, we will spend a week immersed in the nature of these fantastic mountains unique in the world. In this tour we will visit the Cinque Torri, the Pale di San Martino, Lake Braies, Lake Dones, Lake Antorno, Lake Misurina, the Falzarego Pass, the Giau Pass and the Rolle Pass.

Who is the audience of the photo tour?

A journey aimed at all photography enthusiasts and those who love the incredible landscapes that these mountains offer. During the workshop we will study all aspects of day and night landscape photography, from shooting theory to post production.

We will start from the theoretical and technical basics; we will see how to deal with them on the field and we will evaluate together the shots obtained. The aim is to return home with a fantastic experience and captivating landscape photography.

Wanna join?

    Tour schedule

    Day 1

    Arrival at Bologna airport by 11am. After the presentation and an introduction of what we will experience during the week, we will leave to reach Misurina lake in about 3 hours.

    After a stop at Lake Misurina and the nearby Lake Antorno, we will reach the Auronzo refuge where we will sleep the first night. After checking in, we will relax and prepare our things for the first night shooting session after having dinner. After the shooting session we will return to rest in the refuge.

    Day 2

    The next day, after immortalizing the sunrise in the Cadini di Misurina area, we will have breakfast in the refuge and then we will leave on foot to reach the Locatelli refuge.

    After about 2 hours of walking tar of the fantastic landscapes, we will be at refuge Locatelli where we will check in to spend the second night there.

    Here the scenery is truly incredible, we will be surrounded by mountains, lakes and caves. During the afternoon we will relax and enjoy the landscape looking for the spots where we will do the photo session during the sunset.

    After dinner we will prepare for the night session, we will find the Milky Way above the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo and at 10pm we will start shooting in this playground for landscape photos.

    After the shooting session we will go back to the shelter to sleep.

    Day 3

    After breakfast we will leave to reach the van at the Auronzo refuge parking lot, around 2 hours by walk.

    We will reach the Cinque Torri car park, where we will take the ski lift to reach the Scoiattoli refuge in front of the incredible Cinque Torri.

    We will check in at the refuge where we will spend the next night. In this epic place we will shoot at sunset, at the Milky Way and at sunrise. Dinner and breakfast at the refuge. The best spots are just a few meters from the refuge.

    Day 4

    After breakfast we prepare our things to always go down using the lift. We will stop at the beautiful hidden Dones lake and then we will reach the Rolle pass in about two hours by car, where we will stay the next night.

    For the sunset we will drive to another of the most beautiful places in the Dolomites, the Pale di San Martino in front of the Segantini hut. We will find ourselves in front of one of the most fascinating mountains of these mountains, the Cimon della Pala. In this month we will find our galaxy above the mountains as soon as it gets dark

    Day 5

    After breakfast we will leave by car and in about three hours we will be at the most famous lake of all the Dolomites, that of Braies. We will spend the next night in a hotel near the lake.

    After the check-in, we’ll go to some local restaurants and then we’ll reach Lake Braies and start with the sunset photo session.

    The lake is surrounded by mountains and if the sky is clear, during the night we will capture the Milky Way that will mirror on the lake.

    Day 6

    After sunrise, we will have a rich breakfast and then get off, get in the van, and drive to Bologna airport.

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    Wanna join?

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    Some views of our Dolomites photo tour

    Refund and cancellation policy

    If a participant decides to cancel his reservation, he can do so at any time by communicating it as soon as possible to the official email address of one of the two organizers.

    However, you should keep in mind that the cancellation by a participant would create management difficulties in bookings as well as the risk of not reaching the minimum number of participants for the trip (and consequently the need to search for a new person).

    Because of that:

    • If the cancellation request is submitted MORE than 60 days (before departure), you may receive a refund of the booking fee.
    • If the cancellation request is presented LESS than 60 days before departure, it will NOT be possible to receive a refund of the booking fee.

    * Unless the customer that desires to cancel his booking brings in another person who is willing to take his place by paying the total amount of the trip itself.

    The entire amount paid (deposit or full fee) will be fully refunded if the event is canceled.

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